Summer Season 2012


Executive Staff

Chief Executive Officer  
Chief Operating Officer  
Regional Director of Basketball Operations -Broward  
Regional Director of Basketball Operations -Orlando  
Office Manager/Executive Assistant  
Tutoring Coordinator  
Executive General Counsel  

Program Operations

North West Division Park Manager  
South West Division Park Manager  
North East Division Park Manager Archie Daniels
South East Division Park Manager Maurice Villiers
Homestead Division Park Manager  
Community Liaison and Website Manager  
Program Development/Team Services Manager  
Member Center Manager  
Warehouse Manager Maurice Villiers
Head Athletic Trainer/ Strength & Conditioning  
Basketball Trainer  
Scouting and Player Personnel Manager TBA
MDI DJ Rudy De Armas
MDI Vocalist Carline Joseph
MDI Photographer Alvaro Zavala

Basketball Coaching Staff

17U Head Coach -Celtics Juan Carlos Castillo
17U Head Coach -Heat Maurice Villiers
17U Head Coach -Hawks Franklin Knowles 
17U Head Coach -Knicks Robert Fenton
17U Head Coach -Lakers Patrick Regus
17U Head Coach -Magic Roger Martinez
17U Head Coach -Rockets Sean Fletcher
17U Head Coach -Warriors Pedro Peraza
14U Head Coach -Cavaliers David Benitez
14U Head Coach -Celtics Willie Toro
14U Head Coach -Grizzlies Juan Rubio
14U Head Coach -Hawks Erick Padron
14U Head Coach -Heat Ivan Correiri
14U Head Coach -Kings Andres Gutierrez
14U Head Coach -Knicks Aeneal Cordero
14U Head Coach -Lakers Erik Martinez
14U Head Coach -Magic Juan Delgado
14U Head Coach -Mavericks Wayne Chutkan
14U Head Coach -Pistons Yean Rodriguez
14U Head Coach -Rockets Sean Hardie
14U Head Coach -Spurs Keenen Gill
14U Head Coach -Suns Mario Martinez
14U Head Coach -Thunder Josh
14U Head Coach -Warriors Freddy Lopez
12U Head Coach -Celtics  
12U Head Coach -Cavaliers Marion Pasiglao
12U Head Coach -Clippers Mark Alpert
12U Head Coach -Grizzlies Marlon Escoto
12U Head Coach -Hawks Juan Torres
12U Head Coach -Heat Robert Forte
12U Head Coach -Hornets Brandon Barona
12U Head Coach -Kings George Alonso
12U Head Coach -Knicks  
12U Head Coach -Lakers Bryan Astudillo
12U Head Coach -Magic Carlos Acevedo
12U Head Coach -Mavericks Armando
12U Head Coach -Pistons Charlene Perez
12U Head Coach -Warriors Ivan Hidalgo
10U Head Coach -Cavaliers Isaiah F
10U Head Coach -Grizzlies Marlon Escoto
10U Head Coach -Hawks  
10U Head Coach -Heat Curt Warren
10U Head Coach -Kings Issaiga Soumah
10U Head Coach -Knicks Juan Torres
10U Head Coach -Magic Jack Jieafa
10U Head Coach -Rockets Eivy Valle
7U Head Coach South East Division Jhorman Gomez
7U Head Coach North West Division Bryan Duarte
7U Head Coach South West Division George Martinez

Referee Staff

Referee Alejandro Rodriguez
Referee Anthony Jenkins
Referee Anthony Siplin
Referee Chris Laidler
Referee Eddie Lopez 
Referee Eddie Rodgriguez
Referee Francis Lopez
Referee Jacqueline Ramos
Referee Janel Morales
Referee Kevin Byrd
Referee Lorenzo Laidler
Referee Luis Benitez
Referee Mike Magarino
Referee Mike Schmidt
Referee Noel Franco
Referee Ralph Magarino
Referee Ricky Reyes
Referee Rolando Guitian
Referee Serena Montano
Referee Theresa Anderson

Cheerleading Coaching Staff

Head Coach South East Division Jackie Haddock
Head Coach North West Division Elizabeth Garcia
Head Coach South West Division TBA

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