There are many ways to participate in MDI Sports. By choosing one of our sponsorship packages, you could enhance a child's experience and contribute to our goal of motivating the children of our community through the love of sports.
When your company makes a contribution to our programs or becomes a proud sponsor of a basketball team, you become a part of an outstanding group of committed individuals who enjoy providing opportunities to the children we serve.  Some ways we recognize our sponsors are by providing acknowledgement in our advertisement, newsletters and program materials. Sponsors also have a choice of displaying their companies name on team uniforms.
There are many other advantages to being a sponsor please contact us for a complete list of all the benefits or email us at info@MDISports.com

The National Youth Basketball Association

  The National Youth Basketball Association is a non-profit organization committed in providing opportunities for children to excel both in the United States and in other countries. They focus on working with local communities by opening the doors for children to succeed and making it possible for them to enjoy life and have fun through sports. Within our local community, MDI Sports and the National Youth Basketball Association will work together to assist those families that have been hit hard in these challenging times. We look forward to providing children the opportunity to have fun, stay out of trouble and participate in a sports league program that will help them build skills for their future.  With the assistance of government grants and business in the community we will assist those families in need and provide their children a safe and exciting world of sports.  Our children will lead us in the future and we believe that we should take care of them and give them the tools they need in the present.
Children under this program will be given tuition assistance, a uniform to participate in the program, medical insurance coverage to play in the league and finally a smile knowing that they have created long lasting friendships and mentors along the way.
Providing a "Grade A" sports program is not enough, making sure everyone gets that opportunity to participate is. With this in mind we have established the 1,000 for 1,000 program. We are reaching out to all local business for their support and collaboration in this cause by providing a 1,000 tax deductable donation. Your generous contribution will assist fund this worthwhile cause. Without our sponsors we would not be able to assist all those children that come through our doors, we truly appreciate everyone who has taken an interest in this program and we thank you for your love and collaboration.
We also welcome any type of In-Kind donations that would benefit the children in our programs. Items such as basketballs, sports equipment, uniforms, prizes and any other items that you would like to contribute are greatly appreciated.
For complete details on the National Youth Basketball Association and the community based 1,000 for 1,000 programs please contact the Contributions and In-kind Manager at info@mdisports.com.
Our goal is to help a child today and reach into their future to help them change their destiny forever.

Our Sponsors and Partners

MDI Sports has been a big supporter of non-profit organizations in our community. We enjoy supporting children's causes and organizations that promote children's education, well being and motivates them to succeed in life. In return we want to thank our many partners and supporters, without you our work in the community would be impossible.

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