Personal Training

MDI Sports also provides those interested in excelling in their sport the opportunity to enhance their skills by offering individual lessons scheduled outside of the regular program practices and game hours. This is also an opportunity for those looking to enter a school team, or those that are already a part of one to improve on their technique.
Looking to make your high school basketball team? Want to be at the top of your game at all times? MDI Sports is the place to go! MDI offers personal training in all of the sport programs that we offer such as basketball, cheerleading, and flag football. We only hire highly-skilled and trained professionals who have the proper licensing and experience to work with children on a one-on-one basis to improve skills and acheive personal goals. Not only do we offer training for the talent and skill aspect of each sport, but we also strive to ensure life long lessons that will push our children to exceed and strive for excellence throughout their careers.
Our personal trainers motivate children by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to each individual child. Trainers also measure their childrens strengths and weaknesses with a skills assessment. This gives them a before hand look at what they are dealing with. These skills assessments may also be performed before and after a personal training program to measure the childs improvements in certain skills. They may also educate the child in many other aspects of wellness besides sports, including general health and nutrition guidelines.

Fitness and Weight Loss Personal Training

If you are looking to increase your overall fitness level or if weight loss is your goal we have personal trainers that will help you reach your target.  You and our trainers will create an individualized exercise plan that addresses your specific needs and fitness goals.
In addition to the workout component our personal trainers will help you develop a healthy nutrition plan in order to maximize your weight loss and/or muscle development.  All MDI trainers are certified instructors and nutritionist dedicated to wellness and fitness of our members.
To be assigned a personal training please send your request to

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