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FALL Season starts September 2017 and ends in December 2017.  Registration is available at the parks on designated registration dates.  Please visit the events page for full details.  You could contact our office at 786-221-2177 for assistance.

The following SPRING SEASON Season starts January 2018 and ends April 2018.  Registration for this season will become available in Novmeber 2017.

You could pick up an application on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-7pm at Bird Lakes Park and on Monday and Wednesdays from 6:00-7pm at Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park.  


Yes we provide sibling discounts.  

Yes, payment plans are only available upon request.

We provide many opportunities to register.  To confirm where we will be please visit our events page for any special pre-season registration events.  

Yes, each park is assigned a Park Director to manage the daily functions of the day and to assist with any registration questions.

Yes, you must provide proof of your child's age by submitting a copy of the participant's birth certificate or valid I.D.  Failure to do so will forfeit your spot in our program and your registration fee.  Birth certificates must be submitted on registration day or before the first regular season game. 

MDI Sports will not issue any refunds once the child has actively participated in our program.  Active participation is defined by participating in practices, games or special events related to the registered season.  Once the player participates in his first practice refunds will no longer be issued.  Refunds could take 10-15 days.

For a fast refund please visit your park location and request a refund from your park Director.  If you have not attended any practices your refund will be available to pick up.

After your on-line registration.  You must print your consent forms that are located in the forms tab on the lower right hand side of our website.  The forms you must complete and bring to the park are:

The waiver and consent form, the parent agreement form, and the parent code of conduct.  You must also bring a copy of your child's birth certificate or any other form of proof of age.

Second you should find us on Facebook and click the like button.  This is the main avenue of news distribution. You will be notified of the dates and times to be at the park for your combines through our Facebook page.

Third you should check our events page and open the events titled combines for detailed information on your date and times to arrive to the combines.  We thank you for joining us this season and we send you many blessings and a warm welcome to MDI Sports.

Registration includes a reversible jersey, 10 regular season games, trophies for 1st and second place wnners, participation medals for the 7U bracket, GMAC licensed referees, assigned park locations for practices and games.

Tuition does not include Miami Heat tickets and All-Star events.


Practices are held twice a week in the evenings.  Every coach has his own individual schedule.  Once your child attends his combine and is placed on a team your coach will contact you and provide you with the team practice schedule.

All practices are scheduled by your team coach. Your child will have practices at your selected home park or at a location that is near your selected area.  Practices are outdoors starting at 6pm in order to accomodate parents working schedules.  For a complete list of our parks please go to the basketball page on this website.

It is very important that your child attends his practices.  Your child needs to learn to play as part of the team and understand the plays designed by the coaches.  When a child does not participate in practices he runs the risk of not being able to play many minutes during his next game.

Practices are handled by the individual coaches.  If the weather is not appropriate for ourdoor practices the coach will cancel the practice for the day.  To inquire as to the status of your practice you must contact your coach directly.

Our Youth Sports Managers have several years of experience developing and molding youth in our basketball program.  We strive to ensure that anyone who wishes to coach or volunteer their time is trained to the level necessary for our members to have a great experience.

Our volunteers are parents and basketball players wanting to see the youth of their communities grow.  Volunteering at least 4 hours a week to help players develop into pillars of our communities.

We believe in protecting our youth therefore all our coaches are screened and have a level 3 national background check on file.  This provides the parents with peace of mind and the security of knowing that their children are safe.


Yes, your child could change teams.  He will need to attend the combine to be selected for a different team.  Check the events page for dates and times of the scheduled combines.

Yes, all children are placed in teams.  All new children need to attend the combine on their assigned date and location to be placed accordingly.  Check the events page for dates and times of the scheduled combines.

Due to height restrictions children in the 11U - 18U brackets are scheuled to play at the American Airlines Arena. We offer other opportunities such as the High Five Club or special events on the Heat court for children between the ages of 5-9 years of age. 

All Referee's are contracted by MDI Sports and are GMAC State certified.  These are the same referee's that work the high school and middle school games in Miami Dade County.


MDI is a Christian Organization and vulgar or violent behavior is not tolerated.  If a player demonstrates inappropriate behavior the team will be assessed a technical.  If the player commits a second offense he will be ejected from the game.  Once a player is ejected from the game due to his behavior he will be suspended for the following game or ejected from the league.

Yes, all parents need to sign a conduct agreement.  Parents displaying rude, reckless and irrational behavior will be given a warning.  After the second offense they will be asked to leave the game  and wait for their children no more than 200ft. away from the playing area.  Failure to do so will result in the removal of the player and the parent from the league.  

Parents understand that MDI is a Christian organization and any behavior deemed vulgar, disheartening, reckless, violent, threatening or un-motivating to our players, participants or program representatives is not tolerated.  MDI holds the right to eject participants from our facilities and our league if the staff deems their behavior to be threatening to the youth, staff, officials and other participants or our programs.

Parents signature on the parent agreement constitutes the acknowledgment of these rules and acceptance of these consequences.  You could print the parent agreement and code of conduct from the forms tab on the bottom right hand side of the website.

Misconduct by players or parents are not tolerated in any level.  We enforce these rules with no exceptions.  If a parent or a player does not abide by our conduct rules we enlist the assistance of the local authorities to remove the individual from our premises at their expense.


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