Fan Voice

La Nicoyita "Thank you for running a professional and excellent league for my son Justin. Discipline is the key to every great player :)"
Ivon Berry "You guys are doing a very good job. ♥"
Maria Proenza "I know best times with so many good friends"
Yarelys Gayoso "We all had a great time!!!!! :-)"
Isabel Rojas "YEAH!!! What a great night! That was fun! Even the adults were excited. Some parents wanted to continue the evening! LOL. Can't wait till the next one."
Keyla Madera "the kids had an awesome time. and the Miami heat won! perfect!"
Nannette N Albie Henriquez "Cheerleaders did awesome!!"
Jack Jieafa "Wow doesn't get any better then that!"
Cindy Valiente "Congratulations little Heat!!! We are all so proud of this group."
Ivonne Turcios "Your dedication to the team is greatly appreciated.. Thank you all!!"
Annabelle Belle Sanchez "Awesome Monica!!! Your awesome for what u do ;-). God Bless u always"
Sarita Herrera-Dandridge "You guys are doing such a wonderful job with MDI Sports!!! The children are going to be soo exciited!!! Way to go!!!"

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