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All-Star Games were great.  We want to thank the Miami HEAT for visiting us during the event. We are honored that they come out to support MDI just two days after winning their Championship title. 

Playoffs are starting!!  We wish everyone good luck and a good time!  We will be surprising teams and conducting some team interviews during these playoffs.  Look out for the camera!!


Team Analysis and Updates

The 9U Little Spurs and their coach, Miss Coombs worked hard last season and they took the championship win. We have to also comment on the Little Heat for their determination to make it to the championship's. After starting the season slow they quickly caught up and played hard to make it to the finals! Congratulations to both teams for a great season.

The 12U Warriors had an incredible winter season and they finished strong at the American Airlines Arena where they won the championship game against the Pacers. We commend coach Ivan of the Warriors and his players for the extraordinary work they put in last season and for the excellent sportsmanship they demonstrated all season long.

The 15U Championship games was the most nail bitting game played at the American Airlines Arena yet!!! Heat vs. Mavericks was an electrifying game that extended to three overtimes on the HEAT court. The 15U Heat took it in the last few seconds clinching the title. This was a very tight series and both the Heat and the Mavericks worked hard and displayed great skill and talent on the court.

The 18U Warriors coached by Mr. Lopez took the championship in this division. They went head to head against the clippers and took the title!

Summer season playoffs are in full swing, with the first round having some upsets.  There are plenty more games to be played.  Who will take it this year?  Stay tuned.....



Current Team News and Analysis for the 18 and 15 & Under Teams:

Magic Franchise: For the first time in history we have all the Magic teams, from every bracket, winning their Divisional Titles and fighting for the overall at the championship finals!!!!  We congratulate the Magic Franchise for a great season and for making history.  

Magic Vs. Thunder 15U:  These playoff games between all of the 15U teams just goes to show that regular season is just regular season, but the playoffs... well that is another monster in itself. After many exciting games the Magic now face the Thunder for the championship title.  Both teams are playing hard in hopes for the overall championship.

Rockets Vs. Warriors 18U: The first round in the west had the defending champions Warriors going against the last seat Rockets.  With a complete upset the Rockets took the series with a 2-0 game sweep over the Warriors. The rockets later faced the Lakers where they lead the series and later lost the divisional title due to technical fouls. We congratulate the Rockets for making it to the divisional finals after a very hard season.

Magic Vs. Lakers 18U:  The Lakers moved forward to the finals to compete against the Magic. The Magic have an excellent record this season and both teams have clinched their divisional titles.  We congratulate both for this accomplishment, the road tot he finals was filled with great competition!!



Current Team News and Analysis for the 12 & Under Teams:

Lakers 12U:  The 12U Lakers started did not make it to the Finals yet they had an excellent season.  "We played a great game" said coach Zoe "We hustled, played defense and ran the offense smoothly, we  just need to clean up as a team and come with more intensity next season".  

Celtics Vs. Kings 12U:  These teams fought hard to head to the championships.  The Kings starting with a loosing streak this summer season but the team came together half way in the season to surprise everyone. They now face the Celtics which have defeated all the teams in their division and clinched the divisional championship title in the east.  Congratulations to both these teams!!  We will see you at the finals!

Spurs Vs. Magic 9U:  The Little Magic now face the defending champions, Spurs. The Magic took the divisional championship title from the Heat last Saturday and are excited to be heading to the finals for the first time.  The 9U Magic is part of the historical franchise that have lead all of their teams to the championship finals this season!!  We wish both of these teams good luck this coming weekend.



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