Our Cheerleading programs are coached by some of South Florida's finest.  Our coaches have the experience in competing throughout the State of Florida and are eager to teach young girls their techniques. Our cheerleaders learn dance, cheers, basic stunts and perform routines at MDI games and events.
Our cheerleaders are the pride and spirit of our players and sport teams.  Our cheerleading squads provide the players with support when they feel they can't go any further.  They create lasting friendships and have tons of fun as a team!!
Cheerleaders have two different tracks to choose from.  We offer recreational and performance cheerleading. 
Our performance teams take it one step further.  This special team is created for those young ladies and young men that have some experience in cheerleading.  Their stunts are advanced and the dance routines require more practice.  The performance team receives the regular cheerleading uniform provided to all cheerleaders with their tuition and they also have a performance uniform for special occasions.  The MDI performance team also has the opportunity to show their talents at the American Airlines Arena, as they prepare exciting performances for the Miami Heat Games!!!
MDI Sports players aren't the only ones receiving awards for their great effort, our cheerleaders also receive awards and trophies for their team’s championship win just like the professional sports leagues.  Without cheerleaders to hype up the fans and players there will be no serge of home court energy to continue the drive to win!!!
Our cheerleading seasons are longer than in any other league in South Florida which provides the girls an opportunity to learn many more routines and dances.
We invite you to join our exciting league and become a part of our family.

Program Fees

Ages 5-15: $135.00
Uniform Cost: Not Included

Payment plans are available

Park and Locations

Bird Lakes Park
4765 SW 144 Ave., Miami, FL. 33175

Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park:
14445 SW 122 Ave., Miami, FL 33186

Palmetto Bay Park
17535 SW 95th Ave., Palmetto Bay, FL. 33157

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