About Us

MDI Sports is a motivating and exciting program for the youth of South Florida.  Our main goal is to provide the youth of South Florida the opportunity to excel in everything they do.  We pride ourselves in making sure that our sports programs teaches our children Motivation for them to pursue their dreams, Discipline in their actions to achieve those dreams, and the Integrity to stay on course to one day live up to those dreams.  With our staff and volunteers we bring to the table a "GRADE A" Sports program in South Florida.
MDI Sports has a long and proud friendship with the Miami Heat and the NBA Fitness Program.  Together we are able to provide opportunities for our children and their parents. Everyone has an opportunity to take part of events with the Miami Heat organization.  We are also part of the NFL youth league program where similar advantages are available for our children.

At MDI Sports everyone that joins will have the opportunity to be mentored by dedicated volunteers, teachers, staff members and nationally certified coaches from the American Sports Educational Program, ASEP. 

We are committed to the safety of your children by providing not only coaches that are trained but have a clear background check.  We teach our children to be the best in their sport of choice and help them to be selected as the starting five of their high school teams.

Our children will lead us in the future and we believe that we should take care of them and give them the tools they need in the present.

You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward, but both those methods are only temporary.  The only lasting thing is self motivation.


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